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We take care of your real estate, so you can take care of your patients.

As a boutique healthcare real estate firm, we give our clients the personal attention they need, and as buyer/tenant-only advisors, we give them the unbiased advice they deserve. Buying or leasing real estate can be daunting. With us by your side, you can relax and focus on your practice knowing you will get the best the market has to offer and your interests will be well-protected. There is barely enough time to see all your patients, much less think about real estate. We are here to help!

Results-Oriented Approach
No Hidden Agenda

We only represent healthcare tenants and buyers. Never landlords and sellers. Our responsibility is to protect you, our client, at all times. We leverage market knowledge and in-depth financial and comparative analysis to negotiate favorable terms for your practice. Because our fees are paid by the landlord or seller, you pay no out-of-pocket cost for our services. That means, you get all the benefits of our exclusive representation at no expense to you!

Real Estate Professionals (like Healthcare Professionals) are not all the same

Healthcare real estate is a highly specialized field requiring dual expertise and may be outside the realm of average commercial real estate firms. Our expertise in the Dental, Medical, and Veterinary industries along with in-depth knowledge of our geographic markets gives our clients a unique advantage. We know healthcare practices have their own set of real estate challenges and opportunities, and we know how to help our clients successfully navigate both. Learn more about our expertise in your industry.

While you may view real estate as another line item on a balance sheet, we see it as an opportunity to improve your bottom line.

A healthcare practice’s lease or mortgage is typically one of its largest fixed expenses. Understandably with all the daily demands of a practice, once established, not a lot of attention is paid to this high cost. In fact, this expense is the most negotiable and can provide an opportunity to positively impact your practice’s profitability. By effectively restructuring your lease, you could reduce your overhead to drastically improve your bottom line without working extra hours, seeing more patients, or cutting expenses. We will gladly review your current lease to identify opportunities to save you money.


Crown Tenant Advisors was there for everything and made the process simple and straightforward. Their expertise allowed me to spend the time doing my dentistry and not worrying about trying to renegotiate with the landlord. Why Crown Tenant Advisors? Why Not?! Their services save you time, money, and headache. It’s a WIN-WIN!

– Dr. Trushar Patel • 19th Street Dental


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