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We pride ourselves on finding the right space in the right market for your practice to maximize profitability.

Increasing location efficiency, moving to an area with favorable demographics, and limiting risks that could jeopardize your practice can act as profit multipliers. If your office is too big, too small, or outdated, it may be time for a fresh look around. Relocating to a better space and address with minimal cash out of pocket could help you gain renewed enthusiasm and jump start your practice by attracting new patients.

We conduct current and projected market analysis for your practice location and offer our experienced advice. We, also, survey local areas to identify other options. Time is valuable. If you are planning on staying in your space or will consider relocating, having more time equals more leverage. If your existing lease will expire in 12-18 months, it is time to act!

Helpful Resources

Get a Free Consultation

Don’t waste another second! Contact us to request a FREE lease review and consultation.

Relocation Case Study

See how we helped a Therapy group relocate from an undesirable office building to an upscale retail center while saving over $279,000.

Practice Location
To-Do List

There are a lot of things to think about when relocating your healthcare practice. Our exclusive checklist helps you stay on track.

Lease Expiration Flowchart

Follow the steps involved in a typical lease renewal, which includes considering relocation options, and learn why we say the more time you have, the more leverage you have.


I cannot give enough positive feedback about Crown Tenant Advisors. They helped make my transition from a negative lease situation to a very positive current situation. They were able to help the negotiation process favor my interests with ease. I went from possibly signing a deal without representation, to transitioning my office to a NEW location with the new landlord providing all money toward my buildout! I never truly felt stressed throughout a period of time where I should have been very stressed. I will continue to recommend Crown Tenant Advisors to anyone in need. Thank you for your help and making a stressful situation seamless.

– Benjamin D. Ahlbrecht, DDS • North Meridian Dental Excellence

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