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Time is valuable when negotiating a lease. If your lease will expire in 12-18 months, it is time to take action! If you are planning on staying in the space or will consider relocating, having more time equals more leverage.

If your space is outdated, you may be ready for a fresh look. Our skilled negotiations typically result in above market free rent and tenant allowances, giving you savings to invest back into your practice.

Today’s commercial real estate market offers tenants opportunities when renewing or extending a current lease. A healthcare practice has unique specifications, that differ from other tenants, which must be considered in structuring your lease. Renegotiating the right terms can minimize a practice’s overhead and improve cash flow. Disclosing too much information to a current landlord can limit a tenant’s ability to effectively negotiate. (They may be friendly, but they are not your friend.) We protect you and your practice by renegotiating your original lease to mitigate your downside risk and reduce liability associated with the transaction. This may include assignment and subletting language, personal guarantee, renewal options, and relocation or redevelopment clauses.

Helpful Resources

Get A Free Lease Review

Don’t waste another second! Contact us to request a FREE lease review. We will assess your current situation and offer unbiased advice while identifying opportunities to mitigate risk and impact profitability.

Lease Restructure Case Study

See how we helped an existing dental practice restructure their lease and reduce their real estate costs by $330,000.

Lease Expiration Flowchart

Follow the steps involved in a typical lease renewal and learn why we say the more time you have, the more leverage you have.

Useful Tips

Looking for ways to increase cash flow? One opportunity may be your lease.


I had the pleasure of working with Crown Tenant Advisors to negotiate my lease renewal for my dental office. I have previously used the services of someone not dental-specific for my last two lease renewals. This third time using Crown Tenant Advisors gave me the opportunity to see how important it is to use someone that has insight knowledge into what is necessary in a lease for a dental space. They were able to reword my lease to include things that are in the best interest of my dental practice for the future. In addition, I felt that having them as a go-between between myself and my landlord was a huge asset. It left me with less stress and the ability to focus on my practice. I highly recommend Crown Tenant for any dentist in need of lease negotiations.

– Dr. Denise Allen Brown • Denise Allen Brown, DMD Family Dentistry

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