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Through years of helping physicians in various specialties, we are proficient in the requirements unique to the medical industry.

Knowledge of efficient, creative use of space for workflow, including the size and locations for exam rooms, reception, lab, and administration and provider offices, sets your medical practice up for success. Market research and experience with regulations and best practices are imperative to helping you meet your current and future goals.

When a client hires us, we embark on a career journey with them.
Whether you are starting your own practice, relocating or expanding your current practice, renewing your lease, or ready to purchase space, we add value to the process saving you valuable time and money. We have no hidden agenda. Our services are paid by the landlord or seller. That means, you receive all the benefits of our expertise and exclusive representation at no cost to you!

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Lease Restructure & Extension

Learn how we assisted an established multi-facility Orthopedics group reduce their real estate costs by $114,000.

Office Relocation

See how we helped a Therapy group relocate from an undesirable office building to an upscale retail center while saving over $279,000.

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Local Expertise

Knowledge of our geographic markets provides valuable insight to real-time information on regional trends and demographics to give you a unique advantage. We have offices in seven key states, but our services extend beyond for clients looking for help elsewhere.

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7-Step Process

We protect your precious time and keep you in the office doing what you do best, taking care of patients.

Our exclusive process provides continuity and proficiency from project conception to completion to reduce stress and achieve optimum results. (Click + to expand.)

We get to know you, the inner workings of your business, and your vision for your practice. What are your goals? How can we optimize your real estate based on what you want to achieve?

We go out into the marketplace and “gather intel” by completing a competition survey, acquiring demographic reports, and/or performing any other type of market intelligence to help us “zero in” on the perfect area for your practice.

After our consultation and after we gather market information, we find properties in your perfect location that align with your goals for your unique practice.

We will arrange tours of selected properties so that we can pinpoint the top two or three that meet your practice’s requirements.

Once you have narrowed down your property choices, we will send a request for proposal (RFP) to potential landlords. The RFP is a document that your advisor will send to the property owner or their agent opening up the negotiating process and letting landlords compete for your business.

After the RFP is submitted, we will work tirelessly to negotiate the most favorable terms for you. Once the final terms are hashed out, your advisor will create an occupancy cost analysis so you can compare “apples-to-apples” with competing properties.

Pick the property that is best for you and your practice. At this point, we may work with your attorney to incorporate language in your lease that will give you the most value and protection for your business.

Expert Negotiators

We negotiate real estate transactions every day and know how to get you more for your buck!

We operate completely conflict-free and align ourselves with your objectives to aggressively negotiate with the landlord or seller to protect your interests in all agreements. Our skilled negotiations result in the opportunity for you to add thousands of dollars to your bottom-line and invest savings back into your practice, while mitigating risk and reducing liability.

Market Insight

It’s not just about the data. It’s how we use it to your advantage.

We employ the latest technology and our local knowledge to provide demographic reports and market surveys, along with competition and patient maps developed by our firm. We leverage these analytics to drive informed decisions and negotiate favorable real estate terms to save you significant money.

Our Clients and Our Work

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My experience with Crown Tenant Advisors was absolutely PHENOMENAL! They took my feeble attempts at finding an office and negotiating a lease, and turned it into a targeted, organized full time search and professional operation. Not only did they have my best interests in mind, they understood my vision of what I wanted my office to be, and believed in it and me. Crown Tenant Advisors understood my goals and kept me encouraged along the way until we found my perfect place. They worked in-between my deliveries and surgeries to meet with me and keep me on track. They did not stop until the contract was perfect, and I was in the best financial situation for my life and work. My office is beautiful and everything I have ever wanted. Thank you, Crown Tenant Advisors, for making The Healthy Woman a reality. I recommend Crown Tenant Advisors to any medical professional even thinking about opening their own office. Let them help you, so you can continue to work and see patients while they help to make your dream come true. They are truly the reason I am at the place I am today.

– Jocelyn Slaughter, MD • The Healthy Woman


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