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Should you buy or lease your space? We help you answer this very important question.

We review your business plan and discuss your personal goals. We consider existing and projected market conditions and trends and conduct our own local analysis. We research the top property and land options for sale and calculate mortgage amortization to assess long term savings. Then, we offer our unbiased advice to help you make an informed decision on your course of action. Next, we walk you through the process and aggressively negotiate on your behalf to ensure your interests are protected and you get the best deal possible to set your practice up for current and future success.

Timing of the commercial real estate market with your financial stability may positively position you to buy a property or land for building. Making this permanent investment gives you more control over your future and saves money in the long run. It is, also, probably one of the most significant business transactions you will complete during your career. We help you navigate the many technical issues and potential pitfalls associated with a purchase transaction. Our skilled negotiations are imperative to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded in today’s commercial real estate market. Just ask any of the buyers we have recently helped to purchase property at excellent values.

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Time is valuable when negotiating a property or land purchase. Having more time equals more leverage. Don’t waste another second! Contact us to request a FREE consultation.

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Veterinary Real Estate - Land Purchase

“Crown Tenant Advisors has been amazing to work with! I had the pleasure of working with them in the purchase of the property for my new animal hospital. I had worked with two other realty groups and was unsuccessful at locating and securing property over a two-year period of time before I decided to make the change to Crown Tenant Advisors. I was frustrated and running low on momentum until I emailed them; that is when everything changed for the better! They focused on the property options that suited the needs for the clinic I wanted to build and after a short period of time, we were able to find property in a great location that was perfect for the future hospital! From that point, they handled everything (negotiations, contracts, prepping me for what to expect, and were even present to assist and advise at the closing) and the rest of the purchasing process went by smoothly! Now, nine months after the purchase of the property, I am happy to report that the construction is almost complete, and we will be opening our doors within the month! I could not have done this without the Crown Tenant Advisors team! Crown Tenant Advisors put my best interests first, secured the perfect property for my needs, made sure that I was educated and informed of every step of the real estate purchase process, and ultimately allowed my plans and vision for the future business to occur! A special thanks to the Crown Tenant Advisors team for all of your hard work, professionalism, and dedication!

– Dr. Jennifer Ray • Hitchcock Animal Hospital

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