Don’t Get Tricked!

Common Healthcare Real Estate Pit-Falls to Avoid

3 Common Real Estate Pit-Falls to Avoid:

  • Disclosing too much information to a current or potential Landlord or Owner. Sharing too much can limit your negotiating power.
  • Calling numbers on For Lease & For Sale signs. Calls should be handled by your advisor to limit the flow of information and maximize leverage.
  • Believing the myth tenant/buyer representation costs you money. Crown Tenant Advisors is paid by the seller/landlord on completed transactions. That means, you get the benefits of our representation at no cost to you!

We positively impact your profitability by aggressively negotiating on your behalf for the best economics and highest concessions. Don’t get tricked! Our fees are paid by the seller/landlord, so you receive all the benefits of our representation at no cost to you.

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